He went solo on faith, but needed to provide for his family.

Dominic needed to quickly secure a steady flow of clients when he hung his shingle.

So I found his superpower:

he was made to provide wisdom to growing businesses through their first acquisitions.

His niche became dental practices.

After two years of dominating this niche, he had to open a second office.

That's the power of connecting your purpose with the people who can't live without what you offer.

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Episode 52: Processes and Niches with Attorney Anitra

About Attorney Anitra

From Poverty to Victory

Attorney Anitra's family was poverty-stricken shortly after the brutal murder of her paternal grandmother. 

The tragedy set off a series events that led to Anitra being raised as one of five children in a single-parent household.

Anitra, however, had two powerful tools--a gift of learning and emotional intelligence. With these tools, Anitra fulfilled her dream to become the first lawyer in her family.

Using the lessons learned from escaping poverty, Anitra built her own practice right out of law school on a shoestring budget.

Where large employment defense firms had resources, Anitra out-maneuvered them by educating her clients with a signature process. The process empowered her clients to gather evidence while still at work. 

Her first negotiation produced a settlement offer larger than the average jury award in the jurisdiction.

After more than five years, Anitra has never paid for advertising for her practice. However, potential clients often beg her to represent them. 

In 2020, she was named as a North Carolina Super Lawyer Rising Star.

Anitra is a voice of innovation and wisdom as she helps attorneys find their niches. She's in a league of her own and wants the same thing for every attorney.

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